Who We Are



Jóvenes Para Ayudar (JPA) was founded in the summer of 2014 in Raleigh, North Carolina. We’ve since expanded to include eight chapters and dozens of partnerships with schools and centers across the state.


“JPA began its growth in 2014 upon the belief that students have a unique and unparalleled ability to positively impact other students. In just two years, we have partnered with some of the most prominent organizations in education inequality, engaged over 300 youth members in their local Hispanic communities, and awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors. JPA opens up educational opportunities for hundreds of students and families. It’s amazing what a group of passionate young people can achieve.”

~Dory Li NCSSM c/o ’17

Executive Board

Daniel ShenJPA Co-President & Enloe Chapter President


As someone who has been part of JPA for three years, I have learned a lot. Beyond applying what I have learned in the classroom to address community needs, I have also experienced much through my interactions with the community, whether it be tutoring or fundraising. I look forward to serving our mission to the fullest extent.

Priyanka HafizJPA Co-President & Panther Creek Chapter President
A rising junior at Panther Creek High School, I have started the Panther Creek Chapter as a freshman and have maintained and developed it since then. I enjoy playing the piano, singing in the choir, and learning new languages!
Nicole ShearonRaleigh Charter Chapter President


I am currently a junior. Even though I am a fairly new addition to the JPA community, I am establishing tutoring connections and opportunities with other schools, while simultaneously preparing for events such as a “Dia de Los Muertos” themed dance held in October. While not working for JPA, I enjoy painting and drawing portraits, listening to music, and learning more about my academic interests, such as linguistics.

Selena TieuJPA Director of Publicity & NCSSM Chapter Officer


A rising senior here at NCSSM, I live at school during the majority of the academic year. I am from Charlotte and originally went to Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology, a magnet school (the same public schools system as our South Mecklenburg chapter) that was nearly 97% minority with a strong Hispanic community. Upon arriving at NCSSM, JPA caught my eye immediately and I am so thankful for the opportunity to further be involved in the Hispanic community and help minorities in general here in Durham.

Aman Singh JPA Director of Finance & Green Hope Chapter President

I am currently a senior at Green Hope and have been a member of JPA for three years now. Having observed the truly amazing impact JPA has on the lives of Hispanic students throughout North Carolina, I am very much looking forward to serving this great organization. As a student, I am interested in both medicine and business, as well as the Spanish language and culture. In my free time, I really enjoy playing tennis and listening to music.

Julia Yan JPA Chair & Tutoring Head of Enloe

I am currently a senior at Enloe High School and learning new languages and immersing myself into other cultures has always been a passion of mine. Getting the chance to bridge the existing language gap through tutoring ESL students within my school and organizing community events to spread awareness for hispanic education has been truly inspiring. My other interests include painting, printmaking, and music.

Brooke Shearon JPA Board Representative & Vice President of Enloe 

I am currently a senior and have been passionately involved with JPA for two years. Through projects such as establishing domestic tutoring and working diligently on “fiesta” preparations, I have been actively participating to improve JPA’s outreach in both the school and community. In my free time, I can be found playing the piano, taking long walks, and watching “The Office.”